Golfing and doing good!

The «European Foundation» and the «Golfing with Heart» non-profit associations are
committed to providing financial support for children and young people in need suffering from cancer.

Why not join us!

Help without borders

Our commitment goes beyond borders. The European Foundation and the “Golfing with Heart" non-profit associations are currently active in Liechtenstein/Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain, Slovakia and Lithuania. And we’re not finished yet – we continue to grow.

  • You help

    We are delighted to receive every donation and thank you for it with all our heart, also in the name of those affected!
  • We support

    Our goal is to significantly improve the care and recovery chances of children and adolescents with cancer with the help of donations.
  • We inform

    We inform affected relatives in a generally understandable way about different types of cancer, their diagnosis and therapy.
  • We organise

    In order to raise as much money as possible, the “Golfing with Heart” non-profit associations organise charity golf tournaments in their countries.

Our work

We have been able to generate around 16 million EUR since we were founded in 1997. It’s a considerable amount of money of which we are proud. These funds are raised through donations and our “Golfing with Heart” charity tournaments. The proceeds from these events are used exclusively to support children and young people in need suffering from cancer.