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European Foundation for the support of children and young people in need suffering from cancer (European Foundation)

The desire to provide financial aid to children and young people in need suffering from cancer in a fast and unbureaucratic way was the decisive factor in the establishment of the «European Foundation» in January 1997. Since 4th February 1997, the foundation has had. It is subject to the Foundation Law and external supervision by the Liechtenstein Foundation Supervisory Authority (STIFA).

The division of tasks within the foundation is clearly regulated:

  • The board of trustees manages the business of the foundation.

  • The auditors, as an organ of the foundation, examine whether the bookkeeping and the annual accounts comply with Liechtenstein law and whether the foundation assets are managed and used in accordance with the purpose and in compliance with the provisions of the law.

  • The executive director supervises the management of the board of trustees, in particular with regard to the fulfilment of the foundation's purpose, the administration of the foundation's assets and the bookkeeping.

  • The financial means are generated through donations as well as cultural and sporting events.

Golfing with Heart

On the initiative of the European Foundation, non-profit associations and foundations with the name «Golfing with Heart – association/foundation for the support of children and young people in need suffering from cancer» were founded in 2004 in Liechtenstein/Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain, Slovakia and Lithuania. They hold charity golf tournaments in their respective countries. The net proceeds of each «Golfing with Heart» tournament will be increased by the European Foundation from the foundation's assets and will be used exclusively to support children and young people in need suffering from cancer. The distribution is carried out in close cooperation with the regional aid organisations and the support is distributed directly to the families of the affected children and young people in the respective organisation’s region.

Purpose & goals

The sole purpose of the European Foundation and “Golfing with Heart" associations/foundations established on its initiative is to provide financial support to children and young people in need suffering from cancer.

The financial resources are raised through donations as well as sports and cultural activities. Through successful collaboration with cooperation partners, aid organisations and institutions, targeted and efficient help for those affected can be ensured. The aim is to seek cooperation with other organisations in order to reach and support even more affected people who are in urgent need of financial assistance.

Cancer is an enormous burden for every family, both mentally and financially. Everyday life changes from one moment to the next and families face great challenges in many areas. A child suffering from cancer not only needs excellent medical care, but also intensive support from parents and siblings. Our support varies, depending on the fates of these young patients. We know that we cannot take away the families' worry and fear about whether their child will win the fight against this serious disease. But we also know how great the relief is when we help them to overcome financial shortages.


Tournament from 18 June 2022 in GC Murstätten
Golfclub Bodensee Weissensberg, 17th Charity Tournament Golfing with Heart
10.07.2021 Tournament GC Drachenwand - Mondsee
15.06.2019 Charity tournament «Golfen mit Herz» GC Bad Ragaz (St. Gallen CH)


The names behind the idea of the European Foundation & the clubs «Golf with heart»

European Foundation

Board of Trustees 
Friedhelm Gruber
Anna Elisabeth Vogt
Dr. Marcel Kieber

Foundation protector
Peter Zurlinden

Revision & Wirtschaftsprüfung AG

Golfen mit Herz Association Liechtenstein/Switzerland

Friedhelm Gruber

Anna Elisabeth Vogt

Board Members
Monika Eggenberger
Ralph Polligkeit
Susanne Sele
Patrik Wagner
Susanne Keicher

Golfen mit Herz Association Germany

Friedhelm Gruber

Vice President
Marc-André Barth

Board Members
Hans-Josef Schütz (Schriftführer)

Golfen mit Herz Association Austria

Friedhelm Gruber

Deputy Chairman
Siegmund Birnstingl

Board members
Elvira Birnstingl
Dr. Christian Frühwirth
Szak Krameritsch
Dr. Stephan Moser
Fredy Wolfinger

Golfen mit Herz Association Spain

President & Board of Trustees
Friedhelm Gruber

Vice President & Board of Trustees
Peter Zurlinden

Board Member
Secretariat & Foundation Board

Anna Elisabeth Vogt

Golfen mit Herz Slovakia

Friedhelm Gruber

Deputy Chairman
Jan Tomas

Board Member
Dominik Eggenberger
Daniel Futej


The contact persons and addresses of the initiators can be found under Contact.


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